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Turn your

Sit down.Turn your head to the left (do not move the shoulders).Strengthening to limit muscle tension, Freeze for five seconds and then relax.Do this exercise 3-6 times on each side.Massage with gentle circular movements of the right hand the left side of the neck in an upward direction.Then, similarly the left hand massaging the right side of the neck.Complex exercise number 10 This complex includes exercises for the neck.Before gymnastics lubricate dry patches neck sour cream or butter, and then - neck rinse water at room temperature, and then - cool.


Count rate - the calm.Performing an exercise , try to reach a maximum in the amplitude of the chin , keeping your head all the time in the slope as low as possible .B7 " Eight" 1 / t - "once - eight ..." - "paint" the tip of the nose in front of a circle , starting moving up and to the right; 2 / t - "once - eight ..." - to continue the movement , outlining the second round up and left .Recommendation : Follow the movement is closed in a loop for a long time , until you feel tired , it is recommended to "draw " 8 - 10 eights.Count rate - the calm.B8 "Zigzag" V / t - " and " - turn your head to the left until it stops ; O / T - "one" - keeping turn , lower your head down ; 2 .

Most eye creams

Remove cosmetics recommended by the outer corners of the eye to the inner.For the skin around the eyes should be applied gently and very easily.Gently apply a drop of cream, the lightest touch distribute it from the top outer corner of the eye, that is in the direction opposite to the typical lines of wrinkles.Most eye creams are quite suitable for the skin around the mouth.We must act in the same way: Apply gently on your skin and gently spread around.On the chin and cheeks cream should always be applied in the direction of the ear and temple, dotted with small hand movements, and on the forehead gently up and distribute to the temples.

The figure denotes a point voltage and direction of the force .This embodiment allows for stronger inclination to develop a compound atlanto - occipital joint, make it more agile and muscular layer to load the cheek areas.B2 "Tilt - accordion" 1 / t - "one-two " - tilting his head at the same time lift the shoulder to shoulder mutual touch and ear ; 2 / t - " three or four " - returning to the starting position and continue the movement of the head in the opposite slope , stretching line : shoulder - lateral surface of the neck.recommendations: The number of repetitions - individually.


After completing the exercise, it is desirable to impose a nourishing mask.Gymnastics is done right, if it felt nice after fatigue in the trained muscles.A set of exercises number 1 Quietly and breathe deeply through your nose (nostrils while tense).Slowly, evenly, until the end exhale through the mouth.Repeat 2-3 times at intervals of 3-4 seconds.Inhale deeply through your nose.Hold your breath (internal muscles of the face at the same time tighten the blood rush to face).

Need to wet the towel

Bath Marilyn Monro.V glass of warm cream drip 4 drops of neroli oil, 4 drops of sandalwood and 2 drops of rose.Pour this mixture into the hot tub and wait until the water has cooled slightly, and the room itself is filled with a spicy aroma.Should take a bath for 30 minutes, then rinsed in the shower is not required.Need to wet the towel and rub the chest cold wet towel.Rubbing under dushem.Na 10 ml normal shower gel 2 drops of lavender oil, 4 drops of rose oil, 3 drops of neroli.The mixture was put on a not very scourer.

Spoon of lemon

Mix with rice.The second day Zavtrak.100 grams of cereal with fresh fruit, except bananas and grapes, as well as a glass of milk or soy yogurt.Obed.Narezhte small carrot, 50 g leaf celery and cucumber.Mix all with 1/4 mashed avocado 1 tbsp.spoon of lemon and 1 tbsp.spoon orange juice.Season with salt and mustard.Slice of crusty bread, a handful of nuts with dried fruit.Uzhin.Narezhte small onion, sweet pepper, tomato.In a spoon of olive oil, fry the onion with the garlic clove.Add 80 g canned red kidney beans, 2 tbsp.

. Aromatherapy

Natural masks

Keep in mind that on the eyelid skin and lips only nourishing cream is applied, but in any case not a mask! The space around the eyes is best to put the cream for eyelids.Fruit or vegetable mask applied to the face with light massage movements from the bottom up.After applying the mask you need to provide the person quiet - no talking, no smiling.Natural masks usually hold no more than 15-20 minutes, depending on individual sensitivity.Rinse the mask should be gently without rubbing the remaining mass in the skin, then you can use the usual face cream.

It is at the stage

During sleep, we go through a series of stages.We start with a light sleep, then plunge into the deep (slow) sleep.It is at the stage of deep sleep the body recovers: stress and problems yesterday leveled almost to zero.However, it does not last long, about an hour.It replaces the stage of REM sleep or REM (rapid eye movement stage), characterized by an increased activity of the brain, one sign of which are rapid eye movements.REM sleep constitute 20-25% of a night's sleep, about 90-120 minutes, one phase lasts 10-20 minutes and alternates with REM sleep phase.

Facial muscles are actively

Learn how to give yourself at least a few minutes a day, and then your eyes will be shining again, look radiant, smooth neck and facial contours fit.To the facial muscles were resilient, they should exercise - for this there are many very different complexes, which we offer you in our book.Facial muscles are actively involved - that's why we're having wrinkles.We can not remain motionless, like a sphinx - our emotions and then reflected on his face, who then - to a greater extent, someone - less.

Dissolve 1 tbsp. spoon


Cooking.Mix the oil with water.Application.Splashed on the hot rocks to produce steam.Aromatherapy with lime color 100 ml infusion of lime-colored, 500 ml of water.Cooking.Mix the liquid.Application.Splashed on the hot rocks to produce steam.Aromatherapy with pear and apple 100 ml broth peel pears, apples, 500 ml of water.Cooking.Mix the liquid.Application.Splashed on the hot rocks to produce steam.Aromatherapy Bergamot 7 drops of essential oil of bergamot, 700 ml of water.

In the first group

Here are the two groups.In the first group (A considered exercises related to the mobility on the line head - neck - body .That is a simple twist , tilt and shift head.The second group (A introduced exercises to train the muscles of the face .Initial set can be constructed, namely those based on the exercises section A.In the volume on the number of exercises , Section B presents the basic educational exercises , forming 10 groups from B1 to B10 .Basic exercises are aimed at sustainable handling of motor skills , developing various musculoskeletal group of head and neck flexibility skeletal framework elasticity and strength of muscles .

Lunch teacup

Hot tea (preferably green) or decaffeinated coffee.Lunch teacup boiled chicken breast with tomato slices stacked on top.One slice of multigrain bread.What are some soft drink without sugar.Dinner Low-fat fish, electrical grill or baked in the oven (you can add ready-calorie dressing).Half a tomato, sliced.What are some soft drink without sugar.Seventh day Breakfast One hot sandwich with cheese.Hot tea (preferably green) or decaffeinated coffee.

If you want

"Learn how to sit, stand and walk" - advises Benita Kantieni.Straighten your spine, tighten the abdomen, shoulders relax and pull back.When you go - looking forward.Stretch your spine like a string of pearls.If you want to relax, not shrivel like a chess knight.Focus before you start working with the person.The rules remain the same: follow the exercise 5 times a week during the first three weeks, and when the muscles are programmed in a new way - twice a week.

Counting rate - active

Counting rate - active or relaxing .GROUP B8 .COMBINATION OF SIMPLE MOTIONS With the movable jaw The exercises included in this group have a particularly high efficiency for training persons in the lower zone , which allows to adjust successfully nasolabial folds, sagging cheeks, double chin .Effectiveness depends largely on the quality of training of the skills movement that obtained in learning more simple components of these exercises .B1 " offset n .hours away, leaning forward " V / t - " and " - tilt your head forward ; O / T - "one" - keeping the slope shift n .hours left; 2 .

Most often, this

Who created less harmful to the skin surfactants such as laureth, coconut oil derivatives (cocamidopropylbetaine), nonionic surfactants.Unfortunately, to make the detergent is safe for the skin can not, because its purpose is to dissolve fat, and fat is the basis of the protective barrier of the skin.However, those surfactants that do not penetrate deep into the skin and is good with her washed away, causing the least harm.Of course, they must also effectively remove the dirt.Most often, this object is achieved by combining several surfactants.In foams often additional ingredients are added to skin care products, such as plant extracts, vitamins, antioxidants, but often their number is so small that no significant role they play, they serve only to attract the attention of buyers.

Besides Eva Longoria

Differing love for nutritious Mediterranean and Mexican dishes, she will subsequently resets calories while working out, especially aerobic exercise and strength training.Besides Eva Longoria drinks a lot of water, an average of 3 liters per day, for the effective elimination of toxins from the body.Actress tries sleep well, because he knows that it promotes natural appetite regulation.Part II.Charging is on! Lifting system for hip Exercise number 1 Objectives Reduce your hips.

You can wrap

After the "ice" massage rub skin lotion and cream grease.You can wrap ice cubes in a cloth.Useful to combine self-massage with contrasting hot and cold compresses.Water Treatments Baths for persons Steam baths and compresses should be done regardless of the season.After a bath the skin becomes smoother and easier to cleanse, massage and nutrition.With oily skin bath recommended 2-3 times a month and the dry - once a month.But we should remember that the steam baths are contraindicated for people suffering from bronchial asthma, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, with dilated blood vessels on the face and pink acne.

Apply the mixture

Mask with egg yolks and honey 2 egg yolks, 2 tablespoons.liter.liquid honey.Cooking.Mix the ingredients.Application.Apply the mixture on the skin massaged, wash off after 10-15 minutes with lukewarm water and wipe with a soft towel, brush body nourishing cream.Mask with avocado and banana Requires 1 avocado, banana, 100 g of cream, butter, 1 drop of essential oil of rose.Cooking.Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth, add the essential oil.Application.

Factor One : which

When sound imitations importance of two factors.Factor One : which sound has to focus efforts.The second factor : smooth or discontinuous pronunciation.a) The focus of effort.Consider the effect of the first factor .For example, if the pair A- I have a leading sound , then this exercise will be directed primarily at muscle training - sphincters mouth.Let us examine in more detail.At the sound of the leading .Imitating his pronunciation , maximum straining muscles of the mouth .

Apply the mixture

Cooking.Beaten egg yolks to combine with honey and cinnamon.Application.Apply the mixture on the skin massaged, wash off after 10-15 minutes with lukewarm water and wipe with a soft towel.Mask with honey and curd 200 g of liquid lime honey, 1 tbsp.liter.cottage cheese, sour cream.Cooking.Mix all ingredients.Application.Apply the mixture on the skin massaged, wash off after 10-15 minutes with lukewarm water and wipe with a soft towel, brush body nourishing cream.Mask with cheese 4 tbsp.liter.cottage cheese, nutritious cream.

Application. Splashed

However, it is possible! And this

We should also mention those who have had surgery on the head, skull, neck or back.For these people, unfortunately, delicate occipital region for a long time becomes a real "hostile territory." Even after the operation only on the jaw or nose should show a lot of patience before muscle "come alive" and be able to work fully.However, it is possible! And this need to constantly remind ourselves.You will be able to revive them.And you can do it yourself using basic training on the system feysforminga.It is so soft and cautious in its impact that side effects and contraindications simply can not exist! Even if during the operation were ripped muscles and nerves, they fully recover after a while.


Unique property of essential oils is their ability in each case "independently" to find an area where we need help.Therefore, provided the correct selection of oils to achieve the desired effect can be no doubt.Aphrodisiacs reduce emotional stress, relieve the state of discomfort, uncertainty, raise sexual desire and, moreover, stimulate blood circulation.So aphrodisiacs - is accurate tuning fork, you can configure the harmonious communication and resound in unison.The main thing to use afrodiziakovyh essential oils - a selection of just such components that will suit you and your partner.

Narrow shoulders. Average

Action exercises

Counteracts the force of gravity.Hinders the formation of a second chin.Action exercises can strengthen, pushing language to the sky.Activated: «coronary Star" fronto-occipital muscle fan-shaped subcutaneous muscle of the forehead, temporoparietal muscle muscle skull cap, upper ear muscle mentalis, medial pterygoid.Lifting the chin Tightens the chin and raises her.Simulates the chin and mouth area.Activated: muscle laughter buccinator, tendinous ligament jaw muscle, lowers the angle of the mouth, muscles that drive bottom lip masseter, circular muscle of the mouth.

For example, vanilla

It was vanilla, allspice (or clove) and red pepper peppers.With new spices for a long time did not go beyond countries owners of overseas colonies.For example, vanilla was first brought to Spain in 1510, and in England learned about it only in 1807, when the monopoly of Spain on trade with Mexico has been undermined as a result of the Anglo-Spanish War.Allspice was first introduced to Europe in 1601 and the mid XVIII century comes mainly only in England and in her former country, so in other European countries, including in Russia, became known as the English pepper.And what happened at that time in the Kievan Rus? Rusyches were also familiar with the spices.

This also applies

This also applies to the physical parameters , and the psycho- emotional characteristics and age periods .So start training , consider the aspect of personality , choose whatever you like for you, what kind of exercises to choose the speed at which the amplitude or to perform them , how many times to do this or that movement and how many approaches is preferable to take for maximum effect and wellness.Although facial gymnastics is in line with all other areas of development of physical culture, here as elsewhere , must be based on the principle of individual approach , since two identical people who would physically identical faces , reflecting the movement tantamount psycho- emotional sphere , there is no .

Take a bath for 30 minutes, wipe

Application.Take a bath for 30 minutes, wipe a soft towel.Wear warm bathrobe.The six-bath with meadowsweet with rheumatism, gout, sciatica Requires 900 ml decoction of the roots meadowsweet.Cooking.Fill the bath, pour the broth.Application.Take a bath for 30 minutes, wipe a soft towel.Wear soft warm bathrobe.Bath with Potentilla goose obesity, diathesis, menopause, goiter Requires 900 ml infusion cinquefoil.Cooking.Fill the bath, pour the infusion.Application.Take a bath for 30 minutes, wipe a soft towel.Wear soft warm bathrobe.

4 drops of lavender

3 drops of ylang-ylang.3 drops of geranium.2 drops of myrrh.2 drops of cypress + 1 drop of lavender.Aromabath.For these purposes aromamasla best mixed with sea salt - required dosage oil 1 cup salt, mix well.For aromabath oils can be used both in pure form: 8 drops of ylang-ylang, geranium 8-10 drops, 7 drops of myrrh or in combinations with each other.4 drops of lavender oil + 3 drops of ylang-ylang + 3 drops of peppermint.5 drops of geranium oil + 5 drops of cypress.4 drops of myrrh oil + 4 drops of lavender + 2 drops sandalwood.Aromakompressy.This method has a calming effect.

Melon Mask Mix 2 tablespoons

Buttery avocado pulp - the perfect moisturizer and emollient.Melon Mask Mix 2 tablespoons melon pulp with 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon of sour cream.Apply the mask for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.Pumpkin Mask Mix 2 tablespoons of mashed steamed pumpkin with egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.Apply the mask for 20 minutes.For aging skin Orange Mask Peeled and finely sliced ​​orange mash thoroughly.Apply the pulp on the face, neck, chest and shoulders.Mask refreshes and rejuvenates the skin, making it soft and supple.Apple Mask In pounded roasted or boiled apple, add a few drops of olive oil and a teaspoon of honey.

Attention! Means

These concentrates are applied light patting movements in the morning, after cleansing the skin before makeup....Attention! Means for eye contours is recommended to apply a small amount, for 1-2 hours before bedtime, without affecting the mobile part of the eyelids, adjacent to the eyes (edema may appear otherwise).The classic way: on the upper eyelid (under the eyebrows) from the nose to the temples, on the lower eyelid - on the contrary, from the temple to the nose, patting lightly to encourage drainage.Care neck Women often, regularly and thoroughly caring for skin, completely forget about the neck, not even suggesting what treachery lurks in it.

Counting rate - active

It is recommended to repeat the whole cycle described 20 times in one go and perform 2 - 3 sets for training.Counting rate - active .Do the exercises clearly and measured as a mechanism .One of the purposes of this exercise - learn to fix the point of initial position , as many beginners to engage in the exercise on consecutive turns alternating left and right often " fly " point source position.Also, you should try to bring the head while rotating until it stops, to failure to limit position .Fixing of limit points in the corners and points starting position is important for the development of precision movements and habits to work with a wide amplitude.

Natural factors

As a result, many new formed skin folds and wrinkles.Natural factors Significant role in the development of wrinkles, especially in young people, play a variety of external influences: prolonged exposure to sunlight and wind, air temperature fluctuations, its excessive dryness and humidity, as well as long stay in the sultry, smoky environment (passive smoking).If you take many years or are taking a sunbath on the face will be a lot of fine wrinkles.Abuse of decorative cosmetics Many girls with good skin use an excessive amount of makeup, especially powder.

Application. Apply


Drench juice multilayer gauze and apply on clean face , cover with cellophane .Soak 10 - 15 minutes.Completing the procedure , rinse your face first pleasantly warm and then cool water .Mummy mask In half cup boiling water (preferably distilled ) to dissolve a piece of mummy size of a match head.Drench solution multilayer gauze and put it on a pre- cleaned face top - cellophane tape .Soak 10 - 15 minutes.Rinse your face first pleasantly warm boiled water and then cool .


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