Aphrodisiacs Unique property of essential oils is their ability in each case "independently" to find an area where we need help.

Therefore, provided the correct selection of oils to achieve the desired effect can be no doubt.

Aphrodisiacs reduce emotional stress, relieve the state of discomfort, uncertainty, raise sexual desire and, moreover, stimulate blood circulation.

So aphrodisiacs - is accurate tuning fork, you can configure the harmonious communication and resound in unison.

The main thing to use afrodiziakovyh essential oils - a selection of just such components that will suit you and your partner.

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Narrow shoulders. Average

Narrow shoulders. Average Women "A" Your features «pear-shaped" body shape.

Flabby muscles.

Narrow shoulders.

Average bust and noticeable belly.

Wide pelvis.

Excess fat accumulates in problem areas.

Exercise number 1 Objectives Toning the abdominals, thighs and legs.

Reduce the waist and hips.

How to Perform Lie on your left side, lean on his elbow.

Raise your right leg up as much as possible, being careful not to bend the knee.

Lower the leg slowly, straining muscles.

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Action exercises

Action exercises Counteracts the force of gravity.

Hinders the formation of a second chin.

Action exercises can strengthen, pushing language to the sky.

Activated: «coronary Star" fronto-occipital muscle fan-shaped subcutaneous muscle of the forehead, temporoparietal muscle muscle skull cap, upper ear muscle mentalis, medial pterygoid.

Lifting the chin Tightens the chin and raises her.

Simulates the chin and mouth area.

Activated: muscle laughter buccinator, tendinous ligament jaw muscle, lowers the angle of the mouth, muscles that drive bottom lip masseter, circular muscle of the mouth.

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For example, vanilla

For example, vanilla It was vanilla, allspice (or clove) and red pepper peppers.

With new spices for a long time did not go beyond countries owners of overseas colonies.

For example, vanilla was first brought to Spain in 1510, and in England learned about it only in 1807, when the monopoly of Spain on trade with Mexico has been undermined as a result of the Anglo-Spanish War.

Allspice was first introduced to Europe in 1601 and the mid XVIII century comes mainly only in England and in her former country, so in other European countries, including in Russia, became known as the English pepper.

And what happened at that time in the Kievan Rus? Rusyches were also familiar with the spices.

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This also applies

This also applies This also applies to the physical parameters , and the psycho- emotional characteristics and age periods .

So start training , consider the aspect of personality , choose whatever you like for you, what kind of exercises to choose the speed at which the amplitude or to perform them , how many times to do this or that movement and how many approaches is preferable to take for maximum effect and wellness.

Although facial gymnastics is in line with all other areas of development of physical culture, here as elsewhere , must be based on the principle of individual approach , since two identical people who would physically identical faces , reflecting the movement tantamount psycho- emotional sphere , there is no .

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