If you want

If you want "Learn how to sit, stand and walk" - advises Benita Kantieni.

Straighten your spine, tighten the abdomen, shoulders relax and pull back.

When you go - looking forward.

Stretch your spine like a string of pearls.

If you want to relax, not shrivel like a chess knight.

Focus before you start working with the person.

The rules remain the same: follow the exercise 5 times a week during the first three weeks, and when the muscles are programmed in a new way - twice a week.

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Counting rate - active

Counting rate - active Counting rate - active or relaxing .


COMBINATION OF SIMPLE MOTIONS With the movable jaw The exercises included in this group have a particularly high efficiency for training persons in the lower zone , which allows to adjust successfully nasolabial folds, sagging cheeks, double chin .

Effectiveness depends largely on the quality of training of the skills movement that obtained in learning more simple components of these exercises .

B1 " offset n .

hours away, leaning forward " V / t - " and " - tilt your head forward ; O / T - "one" - keeping the slope shift n .

hours left; 2 .

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Most often, this

Most often, this Who created less harmful to the skin surfactants such as laureth, coconut oil derivatives (cocamidopropylbetaine), nonionic surfactants.

Unfortunately, to make the detergent is safe for the skin can not, because its purpose is to dissolve fat, and fat is the basis of the protective barrier of the skin.

However, those surfactants that do not penetrate deep into the skin and is good with her washed away, causing the least harm.

Of course, they must also effectively remove the dirt.

Most often, this object is achieved by combining several surfactants.

In foams often additional ingredients are added to skin care products, such as plant extracts, vitamins, antioxidants, but often their number is so small that no significant role they play, they serve only to attract the attention of buyers.

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Besides Eva Longoria

Besides Eva Longoria Differing love for nutritious Mediterranean and Mexican dishes, she will subsequently resets calories while working out, especially aerobic exercise and strength training.

Besides Eva Longoria drinks a lot of water, an average of 3 liters per day, for the effective elimination of toxins from the body.

Actress tries sleep well, because he knows that it promotes natural appetite regulation.

Part II.

Charging is on! Lifting system for hip Exercise number 1 Objectives Reduce your hips.

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You can wrap

You can wrap After the "ice" massage rub skin lotion and cream grease.

You can wrap ice cubes in a cloth.

Useful to combine self-massage with contrasting hot and cold compresses.

Water Treatments Baths for persons Steam baths and compresses should be done regardless of the season.

After a bath the skin becomes smoother and easier to cleanse, massage and nutrition.

With oily skin bath recommended 2-3 times a month and the dry - once a month.

But we should remember that the steam baths are contraindicated for people suffering from bronchial asthma, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, with dilated blood vessels on the face and pink acne.

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