Performing Count rate - the calm.

Performing an exercise , try to reach a maximum in the amplitude of the chin , keeping your head all the time in the slope as low as possible .

B7 " Eight" 1 / t - "once - eight .



" - "paint" the tip of the nose in front of a circle , starting moving up and to the right; 2 / t - "once - eight .



" - to continue the movement , outlining the second round up and left .

Recommendation : Follow the movement is closed in a loop for a long time , until you feel tired , it is recommended to "draw " 8 - 10 eights.

Count rate - the calm.

B8 "Zigzag" V / t - " and " - turn your head to the left until it stops ; O / T - "one" - keeping turn , lower your head down ; 2 .


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