Turn your

Turn your Sit down.

Turn your head to the left (do not move the shoulders).

Strengthening to limit muscle tension, Freeze for five seconds and then relax.

Do this exercise 3-6 times on each side.

Massage with gentle circular movements of the right hand the left side of the neck in an upward direction.

Then, similarly the left hand massaging the right side of the neck.

Complex exercise number 10 This complex includes exercises for the neck.

Before gymnastics lubricate dry patches neck sour cream or butter, and then - neck rinse water at room temperature, and then - cool.

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Performing Count rate - the calm.

Performing an exercise , try to reach a maximum in the amplitude of the chin , keeping your head all the time in the slope as low as possible .

B7 " Eight" 1 / t - "once - eight .



" - "paint" the tip of the nose in front of a circle , starting moving up and to the right; 2 / t - "once - eight .



" - to continue the movement , outlining the second round up and left .

Recommendation : Follow the movement is closed in a loop for a long time , until you feel tired , it is recommended to "draw " 8 - 10 eights.

Count rate - the calm.

B8 "Zigzag" V / t - " and " - turn your head to the left until it stops ; O / T - "one" - keeping turn , lower your head down ; 2 .

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Most eye creams

Most eye creams Remove cosmetics recommended by the outer corners of the eye to the inner.

For the skin around the eyes should be applied gently and very easily.

Gently apply a drop of cream, the lightest touch distribute it from the top outer corner of the eye, that is in the direction opposite to the typical lines of wrinkles.

Most eye creams are quite suitable for the skin around the mouth.

We must act in the same way: Apply gently on your skin and gently spread around.

On the chin and cheeks cream should always be applied in the direction of the ear and temple, dotted with small hand movements, and on the forehead gently up and distribute to the temples.

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B2 "Tilt - accordion" 1 / t - "one-two " - tilting The figure denotes a point voltage and direction of the force .

This embodiment allows for stronger inclination to develop a compound atlanto - occipital joint, make it more agile and muscular layer to load the cheek areas.

B2 "Tilt - accordion" 1 / t - "one-two " - tilting his head at the same time lift the shoulder to shoulder mutual touch and ear ; 2 / t - " three or four " - returning to the starting position and continue the movement of the head in the opposite slope , stretching line : shoulder - lateral surface of the neck.

recommendations: The number of repetitions - individually.

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Gymnastics After completing the exercise, it is desirable to impose a nourishing mask.

Gymnastics is done right, if it felt nice after fatigue in the trained muscles.

A set of exercises number 1 Quietly and breathe deeply through your nose (nostrils while tense).

Slowly, evenly, until the end exhale through the mouth.

Repeat 2-3 times at intervals of 3-4 seconds.

Inhale deeply through your nose.

Hold your breath (internal muscles of the face at the same time tighten the blood rush to face).

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